QuickBooks Error -6190, -82 is an error which most QuickBooks Users have to deal with at some point in their life. You will run into this error when another User has logged into the Company Data file via the host computer in the single user mode. Another reason for the occurrence of this error can be a mismatch in the transaction log file (.tlg) and the company file (.qbw). But do not worry about the error -6190, -82 as you can instant support for this error by calling on the USA QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717.

Otherwise, you can go through this entire blog post and learn what caused the error code -6190, -82 and also how you can fix it manually.

What Are The Causes Of QuickBooks Error -6190, -82?

There are many reasons which can trigger this error. These are the causes:

  • The transaction files and log files have a disparity in their details. All the transactions which occur in your QuickBooks are stored in the transactional files. QuickBooks creates and saves a summary of the transactions in your transaction log file. A mismatch in the transaction file and the company data file triggers the error -6190, -82.
  • A failure in the update process can also cause this error. Some Users update their Company Data file but do not update their transaction file which can also cause this error.
  • Another User has logged into the Company data file and you are using a Single user mode which is stopping you from accessing your QuickBooks.
  • Presence of corruption or damage in the QuickBooks Data file can also be one of the causes.

What Are The Effects Of QuickBooks Error -6190, -82?

  • The QuickBooks Company file might get corrupted and the User may lose all of their data.
  • The User will not be able to access their Company Data file.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error -6190, -82?

The QuickBooks Experts of customerphonenumber have helped us in creating this step-by-step guide for fixing the QuickBooks Error -6190, -82. Follow these steps:

Solution 1: Fix The Mismatch

  • Look for the Company file in QuickBooks folder on your local storage device.
  • Both the Company file and the Transaction file will have the identical name but different file extensions. The Company file will have the .qbw.nd extension whereas the transaction log file will have the qbw.tlg.
  • You have to now rename the Company file. Right-click on the Company file and choose Rename from the menu that opens up. Pick a new name for the Company file and make sure that you do not change the file extension.
  • Repeat the same steps with the transaction file as well.
  • Close the window.
  • Open your QuickBooks and try to log in into the Company file again.

Solution 2 – Single Mode User Check

  • First of all, Verify that no users are logged in to the QB Data file.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Once the computer has restarted, copy the company data file from its original location and paste it another location.
  • Now, copy the data file back again to its earlier location.
  • Sign in to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Support Services 24×7, Fix, Resolve, Support

If the Error -6190, -82 is still not fixed, there is always an alternative which is the QuickBooks Support Department. You can depend on the QuickBooks Experts of customerphonenumber to get immediate support services for all versions and editions of QuickBooks to get instant support services. Pick up your phone and call the reliable QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number USA +1866-644-7717 today.

If you look to the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will be able to see a Live Chat icon. You can also use this service to get in touch with us.

How To Fix The QuickBooks Error -6190, -82?

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