QuickBooks Could Not Save Your Form as PDF – Fix This Error With Ultimate Solution

QuickBooks is aptly one of the most famous and renowned accounting softwares used to create invoices and handle budgets, etc. It offers a lot of beneficial features to let its users simplify their business accounting tasks. However,if you are a frequent user of QuickBooks, you must at times, seen errors being displayed. One such error when you are using Windows 10 is that ‘QuickBooks could not save your form as a PDF file’.

This happens when you try to save your file or an invoice in the PDF format. If you too are seeing this error in your Windows 10 computer system, no need to worry. Here we tell you the ultimate solution to solve this error.

Before we begin, it is important to understand the reason that unables QuickBooks to save your file as PDF. So what exactly happens when you install or upgrade Windows 10, a new Microsoft XPS document writer device is added to the system’s configuration. It further attaches itself to a port namely PORTPROMP, which then leads to some conflicts and hence, the printing/saving as PDF request is not executed.

To Resolve the issue, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press window key and then R key. Type Printmanagement.msc and then click OK.
  • A window will open, locate the Print servers section, while will appear on the left side. Click on it to expand. Now, click on your PC’s name and expand it. Click Printers.
  • A list of printers will appear on the right side of the window.
  • Now,  right click on Microsoft XPS document writer and click on “Delete”.
  • Among the radio buttons that are being displayed, select ‘“Create a new port and add a new printer’.
  • Now select Local port from the dropdown.
  • Name the port as ‘XPS’. And now, click on Install a new driver.
  • Navigate to the location where you saved the downloaded driver. From that folder, open the “prnms001” file.
  • You will be asked to enter name of the printer. Here, you need to type ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer”. Make sure you type it as it is, without the double quotation marks.
  • Click on next to add the printer.
  • Restart your computer again and now try printing the PDF.

If the problem persists, call us on QuickBooks customer support number +1866-644-7717 to get quick assistance from our team.

QuickBooks Could Not Save Your Form as PDF File

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