Orange Customer Number – How do I Contact Orange?

For personalized Orange customer number, dial 110 from your Orange Line. If you’re a business customer, connect with Customer Service by calling 250 from your Orange line. For Orange DSL-related inquiries, contact Customer Service at 16333 from any line.

While roaming, access Customer Service by dialing +201223202020. For assistance with Orange directory services, simply call 8000 from any Orange line. If you are an Orange Cash user, reach out to Customer Service at 7770 from any Orange line.

Additionally, Orange provides online support through its website. These comprehensive contact options ensure that Orange customers have various avenues to address their queries, receive assistance, and access information, reflecting Orange’s commitment to delivering a seamless customer experience across different services.

How do I find out my Orange number?

Discovering your mobile number on the Orange network is a breeze. Simply dial *158# to access the information you need effortlessly. This quick and convenient code allows Orange users to check their mobile number with ease, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Stay connected and informed by utilizing this straightforward method, providing you with instant access to your mobile number details.

Additionally, Orange keeps its users well-informed through social media platforms such as Facebook. By incorporating user-friendly features like the *158# code and leveraging online channels, Orange prioritizes customer convenience, offering multiple avenues for users to manage and access their mobile information seamlessly.

How do I activate my Orange number?

Postpaid customers seeking to activate the service and receive configuration messages can easily do so by dialing the customer service number 110. A simple call to this number ensures a prompt activation process, providing postpaid users with the necessary service configuration details.

For prepaid customers, activating the service and obtaining configuration messages is just as straightforward. A quick call to 400 facilitates the activation process and ensures that prepaid users receive the essential service configuration messages promptly.

These customer-friendly initiatives exemplify the commitment to seamless service activation for both postpaid and prepaid users. The dedicated customer service numbers streamline the process, allowing users to effortlessly access and enjoy the benefits of the desired service with minimal effort.

What is the number for Orange Fibre in Amman?

Our commitment to serving you extends 24/7, ensuring accessibility and assistance whenever you require information. Reach out to our dedicated Customer Service Center at 1660 or 064621660 for prompt and comprehensive support. Alternatively, connect with us through our social media platforms, where we actively engage and respond to your inquiries. Utilize our convenient chat service on our website for real-time assistance, making it easier for you to get the information you need.

We’ve also made it simple for you to reach us through our WhatsApp channel, enhancing the ways you can communicate with us. Whether through traditional channels or modern platforms, our aim is to provide a seamless and responsive customer experience, ensuring your needs are met efficiently and effectively.

How do I use my Orange SIM?

The SIM Card comes pre-activated, simplifying the setup process for users. All you need to do is insert the SIM Card into your device, and it will be ready to use immediately, assuming your device is unlocked. This hassle-free activation ensures a seamless experience, eliminating the need for additional steps or waiting periods. The convenience of a pre-activated SIM Card allows users to get connected swiftly without the complexities often associated with activation processes.

Just insert the SIM, and you’re good to go, enjoying the services without any delay, provided your device meets the necessary unlocking criteria. This user-centric approach underscores our commitment to providing a straightforward and efficient onboarding experience for our customers.

How do I refill my Orange SIM card?

Recharge your balance effortlessly by dialing *150*, inserting your scratch card number, and concluding with #. This straightforward process ensures that your balance is promptly replenished, providing uninterrupted access to services. Stay informed about your balance and remaining bundles by dialing *155#, a convenient option for keeping track of your usage.

For additional bundles, easily purchase them by pressing *777#. This user-friendly approach allows you to tailor your usage according to your needs, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. With these quick and accessible commands, managing your balance, checking usage details, and expanding your bundles are just a few keypad entries away. Emphasizing simplicity and user empowerment, these commands enable you to stay in control of your mobile services effortlessly.

How do I check my Orange bill?

Unlocking the convenience of managing your bills with Orange is a straightforward process. Dial #100# for free and effortlessly navigate through the bill services options. Another hassle-free option is calling 400 for free from your mobile, where you can easily select the bills option to address your billing inquiries.

For a more comprehensive experience, log in to your account on or through the My Orange application. This online platform empowers you to efficiently manage your bills, providing a user-friendly interface to access detailed billing information and additional services.

Whether you prefer quick dialing, a phone call, or an online interface, Orange offers multiple avenues to cater to your preferences, ensuring that managing your bills is a seamless and accessible process tailored to your convenience.

How can I know my SIM card number by dialing?

Discovering your SIM card information on most Android phones is a straightforward process. Navigate to “Settings,” then proceed to “About phone,” and finally select “Status.” Within this section, you will find comprehensive SIM card details, including your phone number.

Alternatively, you can quickly retrieve your SIM number by dialing either *#100# or *#1# on your phone. Upon entering these codes, your SIM number will be promptly displayed on the screen. This convenient method offers a direct and instant way to access your SIM information without delving into menu options.

Whether through the settings menu or by utilizing specific dialing codes, Android provides users with multiple avenues to retrieve essential SIM card details. This user-friendly approach ensures that accessing your SIM information is a seamless and quick task on Android devices.

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